The Beauty of Grafton


This was taken one evening in Grafton, WV as I walked into the Wilson Ridge Church of Christ.

Over 1 Year on Netflix



The Gallagher Family is a Netflix family. Over one year ago we pulled the plug on cable/satellite  and we have not looked back. We decided to go with Netflix because we could get the major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and Fox) over the antenna, while most of the shows appearing on television were the ones our children’s we found them all on Netflix at a fraction of the price.

Since adding Netflix we have also added Hulu Plus to the features streaming to our television. Below gives you a good look at our costs and the savings we current enjoy.

Type of Service Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Cable/Satellite $79 $948
Netflix $9.99 $119.88
Netflix and Hulu Plus $9.99 + $7.99 $215.76

Just moving from cable/satellite to Netflix was a savings of $828.12

As you can see, the savings over cable is tremendous. Recently the cable/satellite packages have come down significantly in price. Even thought the price has dropped, the Gallagher family still enjoys and plans on sticking with Netflix and Hulu Plus streamed to our televisions.

(Currently, I have put our Hulu Plus subscription on hold for 8 weeks to re-evaluate the cost and shows.  Hulu Plus does not have the same shows they once were contracted with, so we will re-evaluate over the next 8 weeks to see if we should keep our subscription.)

Netflix Instant Streaming Recommendations:

  • The Cosby ShowWho could not recommend this great show. Even though we have seen each episode, we still watch it over and over again. Our children are watching the same shows we watched growing up.

DVDs by Mail Recommendations:

  • Believe in Me
  • Flywheel
  • Fireproof

Would We Do It Again?

Many have asked if we would drop cable/satellite and do the Netflix only again – YOU BET!!! We have found the older television shows on Netflix to be greater than the current television shows. Also, we are able to spend time doing other things than sitting in front of a television. Our children have discovered more books, old movies, board games, and riding bikes to be more fun than ever before. It was not that our family did not participate in those activities before, but now we are more active than with television.

Just some thoughts,


Preparing for the Road Trip?



Preparing for that next road trip? I hope you prepare your car before hitting the road. There are a few necessary steps you can take to prepare yourself for your next journey across America.

Begin today by checking those fluids and packing an emergency kit in case trouble happens along the road. A simple moment of preparation can save hours later. Many times a simple check of a fluid level could have saved hundreds of dollars.

Check your fluid levels, even if you have recently been to the shop. It is your responsibility to check those fluid levels to maintain your car running properly. A simple check of those fluids will save money in the long run while also saving some time.

Here are some things to check:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Fluid levels
    • Oil
    • Transmission Fluid
    • Antifreeze/Coolant
    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Brake Fluid
    • Windshield Washer Fluid

Pack a Car Emergency Kit:

An emergency kit is hopefully never used, but sometimes they are. It is good to have a small emergency kit available because you might be able to assist someone else if they are having car trouble. The jumper cables in my truck have been used only once to start my truck and all the other times to assist someone else.

Here is a simple list for a small emergency kit:

  • Jumper cables
  • Bottle of Water (Radiator)
  • Quart of oil
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight (and extra blankets)
  • Blanket

Always have these in your car:

There are certain items which are always good to have in your car. We choose to leave the items in the car instead of keeping them in a wallet or purse. We currently have first-aid kits in every car and they always come in handy when out with the family and friends.

Here are a list of items that is good to have along"

  • Cell phone charger
  • Insurance and Registration cards
  • AAA card or other motor club card (if a member)
  • First-Aid kits

How do you prepare your vehicle before traveling?

Just some thoughts,

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Sanity While Traveling

July 2007 005


The summer months are here and many are already enjoying the benefits of a summer vacation. As we pile into our cars, minivans and SUVs to head north, south, east and west, these are the time which will live in the minds of your families.

A few "Gallagher Tips" on saving your sanity while traveling:

  • Pack Snacks – Carrie always plans ahead and packs a few snack to take along the way. If you have children, you know the way money can add up at a stop for gas. Keep some snacks and drinks stowed away in a cooler for a quick bite.
  • Drive the Speed Limit – For most of us, driving faster than the speed limit adds to our frustration because we are so concerned with getting their faster. Instead of burning more gasoline, slow down a notch and enjoy the drive. Studies have shown for years that slowing down saves money by improving fuel economy.
  • Take your Time – As mentioned above, driving faster has a tendency to add frustration as we try to get to our destination in record time. Seeking a record time means we leave earlier, drive faster, make quicker trips and even more add frustration when someone has to stop for the restroom. Instead, leave a little earlier and take your time.
  • Have a Picnic – Two summers ago, instead of eating at a restaurant while traveling, we packed a picnic lunch and planed to stop at a rest area along the way. This idea allowed us to let the kids out to run around and play for a while and expend all their bundled energy.
  • Glow-Sticks! - If you are planning to drive at night, pack a few glow-sticks. For some reason, these small items have a ways of mesmerizing adults and children during a drive.

Just some thoughts to help you keep your sanity on your trip.

What would you add to the list?


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